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We are a global team of engineers with large experience in the industry for power conversion

Motor Control

Our core is power conversion and we can provide high quality design for motor controls for several applications.


Combining our knowledge of several engineers spread over the world we will help you to achieve the best cost balance for your hardware design.


Our firmware engineers will leverage techniques used in consumer, automotive and space electronics industry.

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We can provide demo kits for a fast validation in your design. Our engineers are ready to assist specific needs.

Market customization

We are focused on designing solutions for our target segments with high level of optimization.


Our main office is located in South America and we have support offices located in United States, China and Malaysia

Home Appliances

Washing Machine

Drum motor

High efficiency

Optimal control using motor as a sensor.


Water pump

Best cost with energy saving

Achieving high efficiency at optimal cost.



Very high efficiency

Optimized solution delivering high energy rating.

Industrial: motor inverters

Water Pump

Pump motor

Up to 50% energy savings

Soft start, noise reduction, cost saving.


Fan motor

Silent control

Optimization for load varying applications.

Air Compressor

Compressor motor

Low starting current

Saving on supply costs due lower current.

Mobility: smart cities

Electric Scooters

Scooter motor control

Long Range

Optimal control achieving long runs.

Electric Vehicle

Any wheel motor control

Smart driving

Change on mobility for smart cities.

Electric Skates

One wheel motor control

Safe driving

Unique personal mobility.

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R&D Hardware

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R&D Software

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Business development

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