Which Motor Control Method should I choose

Motor Control Beyond efficiency!

Electric motors account for 40-60% of global electricity consumption, making the pursuit for high energy efficiency in motor control more critical than ever.

Beyond efficiency, the competitive market demands innovative motor control solutions that address performance limitations of traditional methods like Field Oriented Control (FOC), Trapezoidal, and Direct Torque Control (DTC).

The most complete Motor Control Method!

Theta's Direct Torque and Flux Control (DTFC) is designed for flexibility and robust sensorless performance across the full speed and torque range. It stands out by providing exceptional start performance with low current demand.

DTFC extends beyond traditional motor control, effectively transforming the motor into a sensor. For example, in an air conditioner, the motor can estimate system pressure, which leads to both cost savings and improved performance

Explore how Theta's DTFC not only matches but exceeds traditional methods with our detailed comparison below.

Motor Control Comparison

Below, you can see a comparison of other attributes between traditional methods and the innovative Theta DTFC.

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