Versatility and Stability in Motor Control

DTFC at high and low speeds operation!

Trapezoidal, FOC, and DTC are well-known Motor Control Techniques from books and papers and are widely spread throughout the industry. However, throughout the years, they have presented several limitations.

For that reason, we introduced to the market Theta's Direct Torque and Flux Control (DTFC), a proprietary Motor Control technology. DTFC has consistently proven itself superior to traditional techniques in several areas, but mainly in starting, unbalanced conditions, and at very high and very low speeds.

None of the traditional methods can achieve both very high and very low speeds, and those that can achieve very high speeds demand a lot of extra development work. However, DTFC was designed to offer the best stability at high speeds due to its unique flux control.

Fast Product Integration

Besides its performance attributes, DTFC was engineered to be very flexible, resulting in fast product integration. This allows any new home appliance, AC, EV to achieve a fast and robust ramp-up into the market.

Below, you can see a comparison of other attributes between traditional methods and the innovative Theta DTFC.

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